Alidad Jalali



We fake jazz and dabble in fusion, experimental electroacoustic music.

Cymin Samawatie



As one of the most creative singers and composers based in Berlin, Cymin Samawatie has initiated celebrated ensembles of contemporary music.

She studied classical music in Hannover, focusing on percussion and piano, as well as jazz voice and composition in Berlin. Her compositions combine various styles of music including chamber jazz, open improvisations, modern compositions, impressionism and minimalism. Her quartet Cyminology, founded in 2002 combines Persian poetry and chamber-esque contemporary music presenting poets such as Rumi, Hafiz, Khayyam and Forough Farrokhzaad.

Cymin Samawatie’s performance with Bobby McFerrin in 2003 was one of the highlights of her career. In 2008 she started collaborating with producer Manfred Eicher, founder of the ECM record label, where her last three albums have been released. In 2013 Cymin Samawatie founded the unique “Trickster Orchestra“ together with Ketan Bhatti.

Cymin Samawatie is a multifaceted artistic personality who creates new and daring elements adding to the bridges between Western and Middle Eastern music. Since 2018, she’s been a scholarship holder of the Tarabya Cultural Academy in Istanbul.







Regarded as “my better half” by Arman Paxad, the synth-obsessed, bass and beat aficionado of the band King Raam, DEEV is his overshadowing alter ego; The nonconforming explorer who creates for the sake of creation.

Having developed a distinct taste through a decade of writing and performing and over two decades of avid music listening, DEEV brings a finely sculpted blend of words and sounds to his sets, be it a DJ mix, an electro-ambient performance, or an outright vigorous sonic manifestation of his feelings and experiences through fabulism and dark electronica.

DEEV released his first single, REGENERATE earlier this year; a three-track ambient illustration of how he views space, and is currently working on his first EP, MORON.

Golnar Shahyar



In Persian "Golnar" means the flower of Pomegranate. Here, it represents a journey or rather the emotional imprints of a woman who sees her music as the reflection of her changing identity and the coming together of many different worlds, just like the pomegranate grains all together in one body.

Golnar Shahyar is a Viennese based vocalist/composer/performer/lyricist, who has already made a name for herself as the lead singer of her bands Sormeh, Choub, Gabbeh and Golnar & Mahan. She has been performing internationally for years in many renowned venues and festivals and has done many collaborations in the field of dance and theatre.

"The hypnotic polyphonic weave of Golnar Shahyar’s voice, her guitar or piano, takes place so naturally as a floating story about the diversity of life, crossing her fondling fingers over your mind and heart." (Danas Newspaper). Golnar’s musical signature is her ability to connect different music styles and cultures in such an organic way, that makes the complexity of her compositions and singing almost effortless. Her voice is powerful yet very subtle and covers a whole range of emotions. In her performances, she creates an atmosphere where authenticity, vulnerability and empathy are celebrated as strength. "I don t play to please" she says, "I play to be Honest". She sings in many languages; Farsi, English, Turkish, Arabic, Kurdish, Sephardic etc., and sometimes compromises actual language for her fantasy language to be more authentic. Being a true improvisor, she constantly breaks out of her comfort zone in her performances and seeks to make new musical dialogue. The core of her work is communication, personal expression and storytelling.

In her solo act, GolNar, she accompanies herself on the guitar and writes and sings about human essence, emotions and social struggles. Her lyrics are simple yet deliberate and direct. They pass through personal experience, culture and gender identities and speak to the audience in an empathetic and unifying way.


Mahan Mirarab

Persian Jazz


Mahan Mirarab is an Iranian guitarist/composer based in Vienna, Austria. Having spent years learning Persian music and the indigenous sounds and cultures of Arabic, African, Turkish and Kurdish territories, he has also refined his skills in Jazz music. Notabely using fretless guitar, he specializes in blending the oriental microtonal system with jazz. After moving to Europe in 2009, he’s become an acclaimed musician in the European music scene, participating in various projects in world and jazz music as a performer, and working as a composer/arranger for multiple film/theatre productions. He has since produced four albums; Persian Side of Jazz, Choub, Sehrang, and most recently Derakht, from his trio Golnar & Mahan.

Morti Azizzadeh

New Folk


A singer-songwriter from Bushehr, Morti grew up in an artsy, musical family and started his artistic activities from a very young age. Having collaborated with various bands and artists throughout the years, he’s recently began to gain popular attention for his personal project and solo performances.
 His music combines southern-Iranian folk with elements of jazz.





Born in 1975, Pouya Mahmoodi, guitarist and singer-songwriter, is among the few musicians who heralded a change in Iran’s music scene after the Iranian Revolution. His performances since the early 2000s and the album ‘Barad' (released in 2003 by Hermes Records) introduced a new musical experience to the Persian audience by combining elements of rock and blues with Iranian folk and classical music. This not only created much excitement among young music fans, but was also lauded by critics for its creative and forceful response to the extreme difficulties of making and performing music in Iran. His attempts at exploring different possibilities and expressions of improvisation in different music cultures found a new mode for evoking the diversity of Iranian folk music through the energy and rebellion of rock music. This also inspired many other experimental and independent musicians and bands among the contemporary Iranian music scene and generated new trends in search of a contemporary language and soundscape.




Born in Germany, Ralph began to take organ lessons at the age of 10. At 17, he focused on guitar and played in various blues, rock and alternative bands.

In 1993 he started collaborating with Cymin Samawatie on different projects. He started playing double bass and electric bass in 1999 and one year later studied at the Hochschule für Künste in Bremen. He’s been living in Berlin since 2003 and performs internationally with different ensembles.


Shabnam Parvaresh



Shabnam Parvaresh was born in Tehran and started her musical career as a clarinetist playing in the Tehran Symphony Orchestra and the National Traditional Orchestra. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Painting while pursuing a career as an artist and musician. In 2014, she moved to Germany where she continues her studies in Jazz Clarinet at Institute für Musik Osnabrück. As part of different ensembles and projects ranging from jazz to experimental, she has performed with Grammy Award Winner Kinan Azmeh at the Morgenland Festival Osnbarück, in chamber Morgenland Orchestra and in Theater Osnabrück.